What remains of our memories!


What remains .. what have we experienced?


Remembering has a part made up of oblivion and forgetfulness.

Because it is important to differentiate memories from memory. Remembering has an implication of feeling and heart.

We remember something: a taste, a game, a childhood event, a love, a person from the past who is no longer with us in the present; but which immediately sets in motion our affective part, of which we have had a tangible, strong and concrete experience

The experience of remembering is a very important part of our life: be it good or bad memories

It is not a fantastic dimension, nor a dream, but it has the property of being distant in time, so it does not have the hardness contours of our present, but it has a haze and a nuance that only memories with their temporal remoteness can offer us.

In my artistic dimension I experience my memories as substantially abstract emotional flashes, and when I try to understand what remains of these memories I only perceive colors and scents.


Wall Installations - Mixed Media - 2019